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Vincent Li – Australian-made

by Styled By Ramzy



Originally pursuing a career in IT, Shanghai born Vincent Li shifted into fashion design and has developed a strong brand under his name. ” Vincent Li “

His work is inspired by his ethnicity, utilising delicate materials and fabrics and remaining innovative with textures. With qualifications in fashion design acquired from both Melbourne and Hong Kong, Vincent Li’s story is an inspiring one- achieving so much in a competitive fashion world.

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His truly unique style and designs can be seen from rich textures and prints in a balanced colour palette. Vincent Li is daring and is not afraid to bend conventions and rules within menswear, being bold with his design choices. His experiences and cultural background will continue to have a strong influence in his work. The designs will always represent the feelings of poetry, theatre and fantasy We look forward to seeing his designs featured at this year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. To Find out more about Vincent Li Click here

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