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Reflecting and conversing with Sam Ludeman, we discussed his journey towards a career in music and performance. so what does Sam have to say about his life ?  Let’s Find out !!!



Q: So tell us a little bit about yourself Sam? Where are you from?

A: I’m a 29 year old performer currently living in St Kilda Melbourne. I grew up in country Victoria, Echuca/Shepparton and studied a BA in Music Theatre at the Ballarat Academy Of Performing Arts. I love all things performing, singing, acting, dancing, guitar and more.

Q: What later inspired you to pursue your passion for performing?

A: My drama teacher Miss Amy Porter was one of my biggest inspirations. She made me believe in myself and also knew how to direct me in the right way through school to reach my true potential. I also had a talented best friend who really influenced and supported my journey into the performing arts.

Q: How old were you when you started singing?

A: I can’t remember ever not singing, I was always loved it as a kid. It was a true passion and made me feel good inside. I didn’t start getting lessons till I was 20 years old and that’s when my voice really improved and I saw it as a real career option.


Q: What does success mean to you?

A: Success to me means that you have found the courage in your life to chase your wildest dream and to find joy in the journey it takes you on.

Q: How has your life changed after being in public eye?

A: My life, superficially, simply got better. I suddenly found myself being invited to events, given free things and better compensation for my work. Of course these are the pleasures of being the in public eye but there are many pressures and negativities to deal with. I’ve learnt over time how to put these negativities behind me and try not to get caught up in the superficial world of being a celebrity.

Q: What do you consider good music?

A: Good music to me simply makes me happy, whether the song lyrics are deep, dark or emotional. I love music that makes me think or connects with me personally.


Sam Leather

 Q: Tell us something that   nobody knows about you?

 A: I meditate nearly every day sometimes twice a day. Since practicing I have felt more focused, less stressed and feel more connected with the world as a whole.

  Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t involved with the entertainment/music industry?

A: I would probably be building things or helping people. I would have loved to be a landscape gardener or a humanitarian.

Q: Tell us about your fashion and style?

A: My style always leans towards a pretty clean cut but grungy look. I’m always wanting to look a bit edgy with colours or cuts so I don’t always have the pretty boy look. If I had to choose an outfit to wear every day it would be a great pair of jeans, some nice boots, an edgy plain T with a jacket.

Q: What are your favourite clothing labels?

A: Nena Pasadena, Kiss Chasy, Mossimo, Ted Baker, Clementi Talarico, G Star, Lulu Lemon


Q: So we heard you are having your own band, tell us bit about that?

A: The band has been an amazing project to set up, As I’m taking a couple of years off musicals it was a way for me to do well for myself whilst focusing on my film career. I’ve always wanted to have a full band and now I do. Basically I get booked as the party band for corporate functions. I have some amazing gigs coming up that will take me to Japan and Malaysia.

Q: What have you got planned for the next few months?

A: The next few months of my life are very intense. I am shooting my first feature film which I’m playing a great little role in. I am organising all my band performances and learning new songs and adding different show elements all the time to suit the events that I get booked for. I am continually working on my acting and my voice. I also have a lot of auditions coming up which I’m preparing for.

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: My Australian celebrity crush would have to be Delta Goodrem. My world celebrity crush would be Jessica Alba.

Q: What is your biggest achievement so far?

A: I’ve had so many achievements throughout my life and it’s hard to choose what I would consider my biggest. For me my biggest achievement is simply being happy with myself and learning to love myself for who I am whilst continually making improvements. As for my career my biggest achievement is definitely being selected to go through on Seal’s team on The Voice.

Q: I’m sure your fans will be interested to hear your take on what love is.

A: Love is a tricky one, I don’t really have a good answer as I don’t seem to be too good at it thus far. I know I love deeply and I’m a pretty sensitive guy but I’ve never really understood it. Love like anything is what you make it. To me love is currently confused.


Q: What do you hope to achieve in 5 years time?

A: In 5 years time I hope to still be creating art and simply doing what I love, I’m happy now so I wouldn’t want much to change. I hope to start making more of a humanitarian effort within the next 5 years.

Q: Thank you so much for your time Sam. Final question though, what do you say to your fans who want to pursue a career like yours?

A: If you truly love acting or singing or dancing, I don’t need to tell you to keep pursuing it because you will. People will be hard on you people and will support you but what really matters is whether or not you are actively pursuing what you want to do on a daily basis. It’s hard to work hard these days, there are so many distractions and things that tell us we are not good enough or that we shouldn’t chase that dream. Become smart, read books, learn from other people, ask questions, seek help and stop being afraid. You’re talented and special and use this as your driving force.


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