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VINCENT LI Australian-Made Menswear Label

by Styled By Ramzy


VINCENT LI continuously experiment with bending the established rules of Menswear, and blends the gentleness into the style but remains masculinity. The design approach is rather extensive process involved with much intellectual thinking. The designer dislikes the literal, always seeking the intellectual Viewpoint that translates into silhouettes that emphasize the theme of each collection. Vincent Li’s designs are a performance of shapes and colors that meld the conventional and unconventional into an understated artisanship through his signature prints he painstakingly develops.


The silhouette of every collection is the key focus for VINCENT LI, which is not often the main attention in the menswear design. We strive to bring innovative ideas, and inspire people to have forward thinking and how they like to wear.  The Designer Vincent Li is a man who always looks ahead and never turns back, but also sees beauty in what has passed on. VINCENT LI desires to bring back the appreciation of the quality and artesian of making the clothes. We favour “Slow Fashion” rather “Fast Fashion”, because we believe it is sustainable way to keep a business’ longevity, help our planet, and encourage the creativity and innovation to develop towards the future sustainably.


VINCENT LI is an Australian-Made Menswear Label.  The operation of the business and the making of the products are performed in an ethical manner. Collaborating with local talents, resources, and suppliers, we can make Australian Fashion move forward. VINCENT LI will always embrace new or latest technologies in corporate with our designs. Either there are digital prints exclusively designed in-house, laser cut, 3D Printing, or we juxtapose textures and materials by searching or researching sustainable new materials, the mix of different fibres, unconventional fibres, or varied construction methods. However, VINCENT LI will always prefer to choose natural fibres. In our production process, we also utilise the technologies, such as Computer Marker Services, to digitalize the patterns, grading, and the sizes, in order to minimize the wastage of the resources.



We embrace the quality than the quantity. The brand will continue to bring the unexpected, and engage the customers with emotions, dreams and fantasies. Fashion should be beyond making the clothes for people, and instead Fashion helps us survive through the reality.  The designer revels in his oriental heritage but loves to meld this with the traditions of western forms in clothing. Seeing and wearing VINCENT LI’s clothes is an adventure, possibly a hint of femininity but not losing its masculinity, it’s a bit of an experiment but most of all fun that uplifts one’s spirit and engenders awe in those looking at the wearer!


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Photographer – Greg Desiatov

Stylist – Styled By Ramzy

Designer – Vincent Li

Model – Cinema models

MUA – Mishel Bratsos

Location – Fedration Sq (Melbourne)


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