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Andrew and Miranda, the power couple behind one of Melbourne’s best known style blogs – StyleGallivanter.com, recently took Canberra’s Fashion Week (Fashfest) by storm, with the launch of their very own design label mirandaSAKHINO. Their stunning Resort Collection can only be described as Mad Men meets Bridgitte Bardot in Marrakech, and was undoubtedly a crowd favourite. As the models strutted on the runway with their larger than life hair, oversized scarves and cat-eye sunglasses, we could only but anticipate a great show. There was an abundance of golden sheens and pastels translated into animal print, fully accessorized in traditional African millinery including turbans and shimmering head baskets. I knew this pair had more than achieved their mission when the audience gasped in unison as the last look came out. This show-stopping creation was definitely nothing short of regal; a modern, cosmopolitan version of a Nubian princess indeed, encased in a remarkably structured, vibrant, giraffe print two-piece.



The eponymous contemporary label mirandaSAKHINO represents a fusion of races where fashion is used to interpret cultures, and as a tool to restore the harmony between stories from different worlds. In the collections, Miranda draws on her Afro-Euro heritage to fuel her creative inspiration. This results in a perfect blend of African and Western fashion that calls for the respect of both worlds. The label offers pieces that appeal to the modern, refined, cosmopolite who is style-conscious, loves fashion and values the clothes’ timeless nature and functional wearability. Miranda and Andrew manufacture locally (Australian-made), designing and printing their own fabrics too. The brand is environmentally conscious and uses sustainable fabrics.



From the many outstanding reviews, it is clear that mirandaSAKHINO were a favourite, and this was well deserved. From blogging to designing, we can only look forward to seeing what the future holds for this trailblazing duo, as they go where not many bloggers have gone before. The style world better take note.

The mirandaSAKHINO Resort Collection will be available for sale in September 2015.



♣ Styled By Ramzy Team ♣

Photographer: Andrew Kibuka

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